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Make sure to give the patient a LoLL before discharging him home
by RevShaw56 January 10, 2019
The act of laughing out loud. Used online by pretty much everyone and irl by retards.
Me: so wtf were you doing there?
You: just lolling
by Fuchikoma March 1, 2006
When a person actually laughs out loud instead of just saying 'lol'for a conversation filler.
"lol i just lolled in that guys face"
by WatchOut March 21, 2005
The spoken lol.

To lol. The act of lolling. (Lo-él)

A derivative of lol. The term lolle is used in spoken form, providing a liquid flow to the conversation. Much easier to use than the spoken lol (el-o-el).

Friend1: Man she pwned you!
Friend2: *pointing* haha lolle
by Stephencj September 21, 2005
Word from estonian language. Means stupid or fool.
Ta on nii loll.
He is really stupid.
by Torya86 May 18, 2011
laughing out loud literally, unlike lol which it is derived from, loll means you literally let out audible laughter at something.
by the_bob October 27, 2005
Laughing out loud literally
Since lol has lost its original meaning loll emphasizes that you are actually laughing out loud.
Guy: Dude check this picture of my girlfriend, hot huh?

Friend: LOLL

Guy: ...
by eXys December 7, 2010