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A type of non-lyrical* music that contains origins and influences from Boom-Bap/ New York Underground instrumentals, 1960's and 1070's jazz samples, and electronic music. It's name, Lo-Fi comes from the term "low-Fidelity" which in this case if reference to the sounds of vinyl crackle and sample distortion which is used in a number of ways, namely the provocation of nostalgia, and to distance the sample or melody from any other song with a similar sound. Lo-Fi is primarily composed of a beat (similar to that of a hip-hop beat but with less bass) and looped samples (commonly used samples include piano melodies and clips of Wes Montgomery) most songs are relaxing and evoke positive emotions, often time nostalgia.

*there are occasionally samples of people's voices, usually from early television or radio recordings.
Person A: Dude I'm getting tired of all this high energy electronic music, I just want something jazzy to relax with
Person B: Have you tried listening to Lo-Fi, There's some really nice stuff out there. Start with the Tired Boy album by Joey Pecoraro.
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by Balka November 13, 2018
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1) Stands for Low Fidelity. Lo-Fi is not a genre (at first), it is a term used to describe the way a song or album was recorded. These songs/ albums have a low-quality sound, including soft cracks and a raw sound. This type of music can be found on youtube live streams, that have alternative artists who embrace Lo-Fi into their music.

2) Also a sub-genre of hip-hop. Lo-Fi combines jazz, house, and hip-hop beats to create a calm and easy listening aura you can play while studying, relaxing, or sleeping too. You can usually hear raw instruments or notes in the songs, as well as small samples of dialog or settings.

Ex: The Sea - Joey Pecoraro
Ex: i'm in love with u, sorry - j'san

**not mainly from japan, nothing to do with the pictures presented with the music**
You should record your song as Lo-Fi, it will add an organic and calm sound to your song.
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by kaybee24 October 31, 2018
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Calming music, that is good for your soul. It will allow you to live in the moment, also good for studying/gaming/sleeping/lying@2am.
โ€žLately Iโ€™ve been hella stressed out..โ€œ
โ€žOh, you should definitely listen to Lofiโ€œ
by Not your type July 03, 2019
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Short for low fidelity.

Refers to music made with 8bit sound computer such as chipmusic or chiptunes.

Audio that is crunchy and gravely and usually demostraties a poor nyquist frequency.
I love music made on the Amiga's so lo-fi!
by Xdugef May 23, 2005
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A type of claming vibe (mainlyfrom japan )used to either study or play with this type of music is also mainly the in anime intros. This music was started unerground as a type of house love it or hate it, this type of music/Vibe is here to stay.
Did you know LOFI is put under the standards As ''house''.
by Margert laperberg March 17, 2018
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a calming genre of music.
"you should listen to Lo-Fi if you're feeling stressed. it really helps."
by valleh December 09, 2018
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