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chipmusic is music created using chips that create synthetic representations of "real instruments", and their own unique sounds. These synthesizers, generally found on 80s home computers, such as the C64, ZX81, Atari ST, IBM PC adlib soundcards and so on have distinctive tones and style (fast arpeggios, pulse-width-modulation etc.) and have become legends in their own lifetime, with legions of rabidly devoted fans. <- all you need for examples of chipmusic.
by dazzled November 25, 2005
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commodore64 music. All the sounds are generated from the SID-chip.
Modern chips has to be either a SID or a module (see module) using 4 channels, and only sinuswave-like sounds.
Nintendo 8bit music is chipmusic for instance.
Dude, this chipmusic r0x dah house. I know. Its sweet.
by red_powerranger March 06, 2003
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