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A town like city that is on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan were a bunch of wannabe thugs and crackheads live but mostly out of control teens who like to party hard and get pregnant. A place were people can't go a day without weed.
Lets go to Lloydminster, party hard and get some whores pregnant.
by BustyHeart December 05, 2012
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a wicked, cool town in canada on the border of 2 provinces. 4 large carrots stand tall and blow in the wind
"i wanna go to lloydminster, bcuz its where its at
by yeslek smo April 06, 2009
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a city full of whores, fuckboys, and wanna be gangsters that think they're cool cause they smoke weed. Legit just a party city- the parties are lowkey lit asf tho. The schools are full of retards. bishop is known for having wanna be skeets, Holy is known for having someone raped with a chair and people coming to school high, E.S is full of greasy people and hoes, The comp is where all ends meet in the middle, and finally avery is with depressed teenage drug addicts. The most lit people to hang out with in lloyd are either the class on 2018 (gr 12s) or the class of 2021 (gr 9's). Cigarettes are known as "darts" and greasy people hang out at the tims. It is also unacceptable in anyway to date a grade 8
"hey dude wanna go to Lloydminster"
'Yeah sure, heard its filled with good weed and skanks"
by pussyslayer6942969 May 08, 2018
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A small oil city in Canada that sits on the border between Alberta, and Saskatchewan. This party City is full of women who are slutty, and men that are fuckboys. A place where you can’t go down the street without seeing a liquor store, or a lifted truck. Only two things for locals to do there for entertaiment is to get drunk, or get drunk. Most common used word in a normal conversation there is Cocaine. Chlamydia is more common than a head cold.
Come to lloydminster, where are women are slutty and drunk.
by AbortedChild June 29, 2018
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A canadian city full of wanna be gangsters, Fuckboys and really good hoods. Highlights include freddy, landen, and zack
Lloydminster is wack
by 97878989y7 November 28, 2017
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A town where people think is cool just because it is “on the border”. The border markers aren’t even on the border. They are a block to far in Alberta. Lloydminster is also know for its shitty school Holy where people get buttfucked by a chair and the good schools E.S and the Comp.
Let’s go to Lloydminster and see the not so holy school where people are raped by chairs.
by Pussygang1111 June 28, 2018
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