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A beautiful, intelligent, loyal girl that has the world at her hands. Lizzi's are very athletic, as well as musically inclined. Lizzi's are God's greatest gift to earth. Not to be confused with the awful Lizzy, or Lizzie, Lizzi's are creative and hillarious. Lizzi's are among the world's most elite.
Man, you're really good at everything! If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were a Lizzi!
by allthatandabagofchips37 August 12, 2011
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Obviously someone gorgeous and perfect in almost everyway, hense the pretty name spelt Lizzi looking neat unlike Lizzy or Lizzie which looks messy :)
Dude 1: Did you see that chick Lizzi?
Dude: Yeah man, she was wellllll fit
by TehLizzehhMonster January 08, 2010
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Simply the most amazing, perfect girl in the history of amazing perfect girls. I love her very very much and I always will.
Lizzi's don't let anything get them down, and they are perfect girlfriends. (well, one I know for sure..)
Wow, that Lizzi is so amazingly perfect!
by Slap130 March 15, 2010
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1. Creative, bubbly, and fun to be around.

2. They live life to the fullest and try to enjoy every aspect.

3. They can be emotional sometimes, and they embrace their feelings wholeheartedly.

4. Will do pretty much anything for food, especially dessert.
5. Ambitious but also lazy.
1: Hey have you met Lizzi?

2: Yeah, she's really cool!
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by thatonedudebob July 08, 2018
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