Lizzy is kind, has the sweetest heart, and shows compassion for everyone. The way how she treats everyone is astonishing and none other. Even if you don't know her that well, she will care for you. But, you should get to know her, because she is like none other. One of the best examples that I have ever learned from. When you tell her a joke, she will smile and laugh, even if she knows that it was a terrible one. Lizzy sticks up for her friends. No matter the circumstance, she will always stay loyal and true to you. If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, Lizzy will make sure to get you out of it. Although she is quiet and introverted, she is a friend magnet. She has a lot of friends because she is trustworthy and has a talent for understanding others. If you have a best friend named Lizzy, you are truly the luckiest. She is very tall, with beautiful long hair and a loving smile that will make your day brighter.
Boy A: Do you know Lizzy?
Boy B: Yeah, she's so beautiful both inside and out.
by amazing.dreamergirl September 25, 2019
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A Lizzie-an amazing person who always make your day better, and can make you smile at the worst of times. Lizzie's are pretty,funny and genuinly great to be around if you happen to be lucky enough to meet a lizzie make the most of it.
#girl 1 :i've had the worst day.
#girl 2:you should go and see lizzie.
by Leylz_magassa July 26, 2017
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Lizzy,a beautiful person she always is saying she’s fat,ugly,and unattractive but on the inside and outside she is the most Beautiful,caring,loving, and funniest person you’ll ever meet there are no words to describe how beautiful she is,she makes the funniest jokes. She could make a joke out of litterally thin air. She always helps people whenever someone is in need she’s always there to help. Never thinks about herself because she always thinks about how it would be to be in their shoes. She will indeed be fucked over many, many times but she always moves past it an doesn’t let it bother her.So my point is, find a Lizzy and when you do never Ever! Let her go <3
I love Lizzy” “Lizzy is so beautiful” “have you met Lizzy?”
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Slang for British Pound Sterling Notes, with the face of Queen Elizabeth on them. Usually found in grime and rap songs
Person 1: Gonna buy a new adidas tracksuit?

Person 2: Nah man, I've got no Lizzy fam!

Person 1: Oh
by Talibant September 8, 2011
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Beautiful, Modest, Intelligent, Kind-Hearted.

The best best friend anyone could have, so pretty and always there for you when you need her most, a loyal friend. And the most beautiful person i know inside and out. When Lizzie is in the room you forget about everyone else and just want to be with her.

Once you meet a Lizzie you will never want to let her out of your life you will love her forever.
That girl is amazing, she must be called Lizzie.
by Memyselfmoi July 18, 2011
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the most amazing best friend that you will ever meet. She is always frowning so you'll think that she is pissed at the world, but when you break her out of her zoned-outness (which is a lot) she will give you the most gorgeous smile even shown to mankind. She is loyal, kind, honest, trustworthy, loving, caring, wise and HILARIOUS. There is no one on the planet like her and she is yeah, just the best thing. Besides her amazing personality, she is short, black, beatiful and you just wanna hug her all the time! If you find said Lizzie, make sure that you treat her like the princess that she is because anything less than that will earn you a face-breakage.
Hey do you see that amazingly beautiful girl over there with the incredible smile?
Yeah dude, that's Lizzie, never ever let go of her
by youknowme2014 December 31, 2014
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A splendiferous creature that leaves a trail of pink glitter in its wake. Has been known to have fairy-like features and attributes and a voice that puts angels to shame. Its beauty cannot be described by text-only definition.
"Son, your mother is such a Lizzie. I love her."

"Dad, do you think I'll marry a Lizzie when I'm older?"

"Of course, Son. Every good man deserves a Lizzie."
by fourfinger5s May 20, 2014
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