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An alter ego of Doors lead singer Jim Morrison, to imitate a Native American shaman. Shamans identified strongly with an animal deity. Jim chose the lizard, which included the ability to shed his skin (leather pants, which he wore chronically). It may also be said he chose a Tyrannosaurus rex for "dinosaur fear" -- the theory that we have a genetic memory from the time when dinosaurs not only ruled the earth, but also snacked on our furry ancestors.

References to the "Lizard King" and his greeting have since appeared in pop culture and entertainment, such as role-playing and computer games, animated cartoons, comics and literature.
"I am the Lizard King, I can do anything!"
-- Jim Morrison, "Not To Touch the Earth"
by the migster April 10, 2006
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The Lizard King is a name given to the glorious Chief Kalaw the lord and savior of Recruit Training Command(Navy Bootcamp). He is the most smokiest of all RDC’s.
Bro I jut got smoked by the lizard king, guy said I looked like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag ziptied up the middle.
by TMFMidnight August 06, 2018
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the nickname of JIM MORRISON of The Doors, a band from the 60's. Jim died in either the late 60's or early early 70's from a drug overdose
by Pokemonfreak1231 December 12, 2004
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A gruop of reckless men - typically young in age but all are welcome - who perform despicable acts while on the road. All participants are dirt bags of the highest order with little or no decency and respect for others. The Lizard reference is tied into evil or devilish behaviour while the king symbolizes the paramount (or worst) examples of such behaviour. Lizard Kings have no respect for women nor do they respect themselves, often partaking in senseless destruction and hanus sexual acts. Tag teams, pig roasts, eiffel towers and mystery hands are all common place with this crew of animals. Accomodations are hard to come by for this travelling pack as they destroy their surroundings. Lizard Kings are also famous for tremendous amounts of alcohol and recreational drug consumption.
"The Lizard Kings rolled into town last night and boy did they make a mess."

"That B got shake weighted by the Lizard Kings."

"The Lizard Kings drank the bar dry"

"The Lizard Kings ran her show last night"
by Wendel17 April 04, 2013
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