A situation and/or an event that is extremely lit. This word is often used by pre-teens and teens.
That Logan Paul and KSI boxing fight was a lituation dude.
by TheFancyMan:3 March 26, 2018
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a situation that is “Lit”

It could include one or more individuals participating in an activity that is lit, such as a party or get together where everyone is having a great time
Ay! Party at Yelle’s house tonight at 10, there will be bitches and bottles so you know it’s about to be a lituation!
by YelleThebrat May 1, 2018
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A lit situation. Also know as something that garners both good and bad traction until it spills out through all media sources forcing the public's hand to either form or state their opinions.
When ever Kanye gets involved in politics it's a lituation.
by MalcolmJames April 26, 2018
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It is a when something is popping( lit ).
Boy: Yo! How was the party?
Girl: Ayyy it was a lituation!
by RANZY May 28, 2018
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Friend: Damn Bro! Them Strippers Are Drinking On The Job! It’s Boutta Lit Up In Here!
Me: Yeahh Bro ! This a Damn Lituation
by MAN$upreme April 27, 2018
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