A ”lituation ” is when a situation escalates and becomes lit. That applies to parties and everything that can become lit.
Damn we was in in one hell of a lituation when you dropped those bars son.
by R.A.M.O April 27, 2018
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root word (LIT) it's when a current situation get extremely exciting turnt up or LIT!
Instagram's @Datrill party with from a boring situation to "LITUATION" When his friend came with the drinks and Music!
by Follow @Datrill April 26, 2018
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a situation that is “Lit”

It could include one or more individuals participating in an activity that is lit, such as a party or get together where everyone is having a great time
Ay! Party at Yelle’s house tonight at 10, there will be bitches and bottles so you know it’s about to be a lituation!
by YelleThebrat May 1, 2018
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It is a when something is popping( lit ).
Boy: Yo! How was the party?
Girl: Ayyy it was a lituation!
by RANZY May 28, 2018
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