Condition which causes a person to use his position of authority to threaten or speak to others in a condescending tone. It is most common in police officers, military, security guards, rent-a-cops, teachers, parents, etc. When not 'on duty', those with LDS are quickly revealed as cowards.
We thought the officer was courageous but as soon as he didn't have his badge and police backup, we realized he had Little Dick Syndrome.
by sueduhnim September 11, 2011
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Someone so insecure about their manhood they have to make up for it by acting "manly" and drive a lifted Ford truck. Gets 0 pussy.
Man that guy Will Hight has a mad case of Little Dick Syndrome.
by FAT DADDY May 02, 2013
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The anxiety of knowing one's penis is extremely small. It's sometimes also refer to as Micro Penis. Most men who have Little Dick Syndrome are unable to satisfy women sexually; Young girls who have never had a sexual relationship would remain pure after having intercourse with such a man. Due to the size of the penis or lack of; he would be unable to break the young girls hymen during intercourse, therefore leaving her a virgin after their sexual encounter.

These men are angry. They are angry with themselves (expressed as self hatred and depression), and with women. They are angry, in some cases, at the world. These men are distrustful. They do not trust that any woman would ever tell them the truth.

In some cases, the penis is actually inverted...meaning that one's penis is so small that it hides up inside the body. This occurs in some extremely overweight males, giving them the feeling of not being worthy. Some of these men take their Little Dick Syndrome out on women, becoming abusive both physically and verbally. They like to find unknowing women via the internet, just for a slim chance that some women would actually want something to do with them. After one time of 'love making' these women usually flee, never to be heard from again.

Ninety-nine percent of these unfortunates are unable to slide their dick far enough into a woman, therefore, reproducing is almost impossible.
Angela: "Hey girl, have you heard that Adam has Little Dick Syndrome? I hear it measures in negative numbers"

Ashley: "Fuck, I've seen it when he sent it in a text to my sister's phone. I was like, what the FUCK is that?! I've never seen anything like it before. Scared the hell outta me! Little Dick Syndrome doesn't even describe what I was inverted, crawling up inside him...afraid to even peek its head out!!!"

Lizzy: "What makes matters worse, he's not even circumsized and it's still microscopic"

Mandy: "Guess I'd hide to if I was attached to something so fucking disgusting. You know, he basically an oversized penis and man boobs. He should just say fuck it and be done with himself"

Gail: "HA! Either that or change his name to Joni Smashette"
by Freckles815 June 15, 2010
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One with Little Dick Syndrome compensates for shortcomings by attacking those more successful than them. If your dick is two inches longer than someone effected by the disease they will try to chop two inches off yours to level the playing field. LDS effects all walks of life aswell, not just dick size. If you have a better looking girlfriend than someone with LDS they will say she's a slut, she's dumb, or she has herpes in an attempt to chop inches off your dick and make themselves look better. If you lift more weight in the gym than someone affected by LDS they will say your on steroids and use bad form. If you drive a nicer car than someone with LDS they will say it's a peice of shit, the rims are ugly, that the model is underpowered. LDS sufferers love to drive big V8s to compensate for little dick sizes ex, lifted trucks mustangs
-Tims a fag he's never got anything good to say about anyone but himself. - Yeah kid has Little Dick Syndrome .
by Paulie nutz August 19, 2016
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This is when a male was the worst attitude towards you for putting him in his place.
male: come over

female: i’ve got a man. you know this

male: it’s funny how you think i care
female:wow. yikes. little dick syndrome.
by fuqdidPu$$y July 29, 2018
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inappropriately venting negative emotions in scenarios in which one with an average penis length would easily handle
A condition of most eighth graders and many nineth graders little dick syndrome is incurable: you either have good dick genes or weak dick genes

The desire to frequently masturbate will increase with little dick syndrome as there is almost zero chance of sexual experience. If there is a first it will be the last as word will spread quickly
by Kim Laughs January 24, 2013
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Little Dick Syndrome, Low performance, low self esteem, low bedroom performance, not being able to fully attraction the opposite sex. Considering theirs significant other their left or right hand. Erection no bigger then their thumb.
Damn bro, are you cold or are you just showing signs of the Little Dick Syndrome LDS
by Sylwester Grega May 02, 2012
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