Someone who fantasizes about carrying out sexual acts or fetishes that are popular in Asian culture. i.e. sniffing a girls underwear that has been worn for an extended period of time.
Eugene: I want to sniff Julia's panties.
Cathy: Stop that, what would your wife say you Dirty Little Asian!
by Chu Mei May 19, 2017
That little Asian boy just lit my pupes on fire and tied me to a tree cause I’m black
by Kevin Lunar June 24, 2022
The volume at which most stereotypical asian girls speak, the volume where if anything else is going on you won't hear her. Not restricted to asian girls also used by shy people.
No one car hear Tom because he's using his little asian girl voice.
by Stauder October 7, 2009
a small person from Asia, that has thin eyes
Illanah is a Little Asian
by Huudywuudy March 11, 2019