3 definitions by Chu Mei

When a Dirty Little Asian starts believing in god and tries hard not to have impure thoughts about women.
Eugene doesn't talk about Julia the way he use to. He turned Jehovah's Asian.
by Chu Mei November 18, 2017
Someone who fantasizes about carrying out sexual acts or fetishes that are popular in Asian culture. i.e. sniffing a girls underwear that has been worn for an extended period of time.
Eugene: I want to sniff Julia's panties.
Cathy: Stop that, what would your wife say you Dirty Little Asian!
by Chu Mei May 19, 2017
Someone who makes decisions (typically financial ones) that contradict common sense and is unable to prioritize . This is typically found in Asian culture (i.e driving an expensive car but living in a dump)
Eugene spends $2000 on a holiday that he didn't want to go on but wont spend $350 on a lawn mower he needs regularly.
Eugene buys a big glass mirror costing hundreds of dollars and risks damaging it by carrying it home and not paying $50 for delivery. Eugene has Asian logic.
by Chu Mei May 20, 2017