8 definitions by Huudywuudy

A tiny hoe who likes chodes. She is in a three way mariiage with Aiden and Matthew. Tiny boobs.
Ava Valentine loves her daddy
by Huudywuudy March 7, 2019
a small person from Asia, that has thin eyes
Illanah is a Little Asian
by Huudywuudy March 11, 2019
Very tiny and petite girl. She tastes like a dog and a snake had a kid. Ava is a very very tiny girl. She is also very flat. Her boob size is a -25.
Mr.Hudson likes the way Ava looks
by Huudywuudy March 6, 2019
Andrew is a long giraffe. He is a white child rapist. He drives a van so he can rape kids.
Andrews hands can reach all the way up your butt. He could stroke a 20 ft peen. He will give you the good stuff.

He has waves like a black man.
Andrew Sheridan is your average rapist.
by Huudywuudy March 11, 2019
According to Mr. Hudson, a buddy or pal. Anyone can be a coon
Cohen is a coon
by Huudywuudy March 11, 2019
A man hoe. He says he likes you and then asks for pictures of your bra. He likes either super tiny and short or super thick women. He likes it when his brother rubs him. He is and has a chode.
Aiden ate Mr. Hudson out
by Huudywuudy March 6, 2019