The most awesome wholesome server in all of discord.
"Did you hear about the new secret server couple on Little Planet?"
by LeilaNoxid December 18, 2020
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noun; A platform game created solely for the Playstation 3 and PSP. Players run, jump, and swing their way through levels created by other players as well as the story mode levels. Players can also customize their Sackboy's outfits to play with and create their own levels. It can also be referred to as LBP.
Qbert: Hey, Jeremiah, wanna play some Little Big Planet?
by President Barrack 0bama May 10, 2011
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A coopetition puzzle platformer and world creation game released in 2008 for the Playstation 3. It received highly favorable reviews, scoring a 95% on metacitic.
"Little Big Planet is TOO LIVE!"
by lbp-fan-fan October 22, 2008
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One on the most addicting games out there. An exclusive game for sony's ps3 that puts most 360 games to shame. In this games you can design your own levels, ranging from levels about war to levels about penis'. In this game you play as sony's new mascot Sackboy, the awsome little guy made up of cloth and a zipper, and you can make him look anyway.
Gf- Hey hun, do you wanna make love.

me- Hey shut the fuck up i am trying to finish my level in Little Big Planet.

Gf-fine were through

Me- okay whatever


Zach- Hey man wanna play COD world at war.
Harrison-Dude i would rather play Little big planet
Zach- faggot
Harrison- don't hate untill you try
by majorcoXsore January 20, 2009
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a platforming video game involving little sack figures for the ps3
by jesinupp December 24, 2008
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A way of expressing your current feeling when your desperate for the succ, but nobody wants to succ, so you feel lonely in this big world of succ.
Grandtheftauto5: Hey girl, wanna give me some succ?
Dalaquishiatintiswaffatalakinorinovintismashinshish: No.
by the schmouse May 17, 2018
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