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Retro game, which has now been released in 3D version.
I'm off for a game of Q*Bert
by LukeSmith August 29, 2005
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a cool classic video game from the early 80s where you maneuver the joystick to place the little orange monster Q-Bert on a pyramid of pads, changing their color. The goal is to land on all the pads on the pyramid to change all the colors. Then you commence to do the same thing at the next level (the next pyramid). Q-Bert must avoid bouncing critters (like snakes), if he's hit by one he cusses (a talk balloon filled with "swear word symbols" like "@#$*!" appears). If you're not careful with the joystick, Q-Bert could jump off the pyramid edge by accident.
I first played Q-Bert while I was at a bash with some friends at a Godfather's Pizza joint. Their motto is "Pizza you can't refuse". Q-Bert is a thrill to play even today.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 24, 2007
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A famous turtablist who has learned from Mix Master Mike and won the 1992-1994 DMC World Championships.
DJ Q-bert is won of the best!
by gjhvngvb gvbnhgvbjghbh jbhj March 16, 2007
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A very great Dj that influences the underground with his creative scratching.
damn, that Dj makes my day.
Enough has been said. Listen to DJ Q*Bert and buy Wavetwisters.
by Kevin Forester June 20, 2004
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a video game for the early Nintendo systems that will be remembered solely as a waste of cartridge space
"I rented Q-Bert last week from E-Z Video and it really sucked!"
by gameplaya99 October 20, 2005
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