Little liar was commonly used to describe children who told a porky. The little was added to make it sound non threatening to the wee nippers and it was often said in a sing songy tone. Little liar is now commonly used by adults to describe other adults caught out in blatant lies. Once called a Little Liar you are immediately made to feel small by your stupidity in not thinking of something more believable. Once called a little liar you are tarnished for life and once a little liar, you will always be known as that great big twat.
Why have you got porn on your phone?
I haven't!
Why are even denying it.
I haven't even watched it! Barry sent it to me!
You're such a little liar!

How tall are you?
5ft 1"
No way you're 5ft 1", you're only 5ft 2" with 3 inch heels on.
You little liar

Babe can I use your phone, mines charging upstairs
Why do you need it?
Why are you asking, what are you hiding?!!!!
Nothing, I don't need this, I'm going out!
You're such a little liar!!!!

She's denying she's had Botox!
What? It's so obvious!
I know right... she's such a little liar
by MJwrites July 22, 2017
An ABC Family series. The show is based around 4 bestfriends who started getting creepy texts signed 'A' a year after their 'leader' Alison goes missing. Alison was the most popular, and prettiest girl at Rosewood High, but she was actually a bitch who made fun of everybody. She believed in that secrets brought people closer, and therefor knew all of Aria's, Spencer's, Emily's, and Hanna's secrets. And after mysteriously disappearing a year ago, the 4 besties get texts from an all-knowing A who knows their dark secrets, blackmails them, and seems to know exactly what their next move will be. They cannot go to the police about A, because A knows things that they don't want the police to know. This show is the perfect dose of romance, humor, mystery, and suspense. It's pretty addictive.
Friend: Yo do you watch PLL?
Me: Hell ya! It's the best show ever!
Friend: What season is it on?
Me: Season 5! And we're supposed to finally find out who A is at the end of Season 6! I love Pretty Little Liars!
by PinkLemonade February 2, 2015
A show that you both love, and love to hate. It's so addicting and entertaining, but it drives you crazy. And now it drives you more crazy because Keegan Allen figured out who A is. None of your non PLL watching friends get your obsession with the show. PLL=Pretty Little Liars
Conversation with a friend who watches PLL
Friend: Do you watch PLL?
You: Hell yes!
Friend: Do you know who A is?
You: No, please tell me! Tell me! TELL ME! (Suddenly realize you're friend doesn't know who A is.)

Conversation with a non PLL watching friends:
Friend: What shoes are you wearing to prom?
You (thinking, this is my chance to quote Hanna from PLL): I wear three inches or I wear nothing.
Friend (confused and looking at your sneakers/other casual shoe): Since when?
You (thinking, Spencer quote time): And this is relevant to this conversation because...
Friend (even more confused): WTF? You aren't making sense!
You (thinking, Alison quote time): Sometimes a lie is more interesting than the truth.
Friend (coming to a look of understanding, it's not like she's escaped hearing about the show that much): For the last time stop quoting Pretty Little Liars (she doesn't know the abbreviation)! I don't even watch that show!
You: Hmmph!
by ThisIsA February 26, 2015
My happiness and my life. The fucking best TV show on earth.
Me: Hey do you watch Pretty Little Liars

Friend: I hate that shit

Police: So she just feel down the stairs

Me pretty much yay
by spencer hastings December 1, 2013
Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.

Pretty Little Liars is a new ABC Family original series about five best friends and their life in a seemingly idyllic community. Until the night Alison goes missing. And then Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily start to receive messages from the anonymous "A" who knows all of their secrets. Suddenly, their picture-perfect world begins to unravel as lies and betrayal threaten everything they hold dear. . . including their lives. Based on the popular book series, Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard.
Let's find out who the mysterious "A" is on Pretty Little Liars!
by babycakes08 August 11, 2010
A popular book series by Sara Shepard about four pretty little liars, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna, who have shared a secret since 6th grade... a secret they thought was safe forever. Then the girls start recieving threatening text messages signed by some mysterious person called "A"- Someone who knows everything about them. Suddenly, their big secrets- the ones only known by their dead best friend Ali- are not so secret. Suddenly, nothing in Rosewood is safe.
The Pretty Little Liars book series by Sara Shepard.
Books are Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable, Wicked, Killer, Heartless, and Wanted.
by maybeitstmd09xo May 3, 2010
A show that will ruin your life
Fandom: Yet you are back every tuesday
by TodayWasSoup March 17, 2013