A rare breed of person who types correctly, using corrent grammer & punctuation where necessary. They are often for elitists because of their desire to mingle with other literates.

They detest things such as chatspeak, which is often called "shorthand" by illiterates. Some literates can deal with said chatspeak, while others cannot.
This is a Literates Only room. We came here to have actual discussions without the chatspeak.
by Morava March 07, 2007
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When your more litty than someone else. Word created by Colton Show (ME)
Aye yo Billy Bob im more literate than you!!
by YT.K9 BlackOps September 21, 2018
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Literal. It's the new way to say literal. Literal isn't literally used as literal anymore. We need a new literal. Literally, this is it.

Literal + seriously = literously; it's seriously literal.
I literally thought of this word like, just now. But literously I thought of this word about a couple hours ago.
by Jay Dubaya August 09, 2010
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In a literal manner or sense; exactly.
I literally just restrung this ukelele. Not metaphorically, not figuratively, but literally just restrung the thing!
by Audrey_Hepburn August 26, 2014
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A word to show that it really happened. Not to be confused with figuratively.
Correct Usage: It rained so hard last night, I could LITERALLY hear the raindrops as I was sleeping.
The person could hear the rain falling down while they were sleeping.
Incorrect Usage: It was LITERALLY raining cats and dogs last night.
Apparently, cats and dogs were falling from the sky last night, according to this person.
If you got this wrong, I don't blame you. I didn't know for a while, too.
Literally is not figuratively.
by ThatPyro August 16, 2015
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