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A circular symbol of a snake or dragon devouring its tail, standing for infinity or wholeness.
He had the mark of the Ouroboros on his hand.
by Morava March 6, 2007
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A term used in place of the word, "Awesome!"
You get turned into a whale by a wizard, this is nifty cheetos.
by Morava March 7, 2007
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A user on a website who lacks the proper literacy skills needed to communicate properly. They spell words with "shorthand" spelling, known as chatspeak. Words are spelled with singly letters, number replace letters in some words.

These people claim that they type that way because it's quicker & easier, which shows tell-tale signs of lazyness. They accuse people who type properly of being elitists.
Man, I'm glad that illiterate is gone. Couldn't he read that this is a Literates room?
by Morava March 7, 2007
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A literate on a bad day. Usually found when said literate is in an irritable mood, or has dealt with too much illiteracy in a given time period.

When a literate is in Grammar Nazi mode, they are usually found correcting all sorts of typos & grammar and/or punctuation errors.
She was being a Grammar Nazi, correcting each & everyone one of his mistakes.
by Morava March 7, 2007
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A rare breed of person who types correctly, using corrent grammer & punctuation where necessary. They are often for elitists because of their desire to mingle with other literates.

They detest things such as chatspeak, which is often called "shorthand" by illiterates. Some literates can deal with said chatspeak, while others cannot.
This is a Literates Only room. We came here to have actual discussions without the chatspeak.
by Morava March 7, 2007
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The form of typing in which illiterates type.

Examples of "shorthand" include: u, ur, r, y, wat, dat, skool...

Illiterates type this way & claim it is "shorthand," because they believe it's easier & takes less time to type out than full, proper sentences.
Illiterate: "ya dis is shorthand u lozer ts easier 2 type lyk dis n dont take as long"
by Morava March 7, 2007
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In this anime, wolves are believed to be extinct for 200 years. Humans are sparsley scattered around, living in domed cities scattered throughout a desolate, wasted world.

Yet among them, wolves do roam. Disguised as humans, they seek the scent of the Lunar Flower to lead them to a place called Paradise, where wolves roam freely.

This show features 4 of these wolves: Kiba, Hige, Tsume, & Toboe as they search for Paradise. Accompanying them is Chesa, the Flower Maiden, crafted from a legendary Lunar Flower.

Hunting them is the wolf hunter, Quent, who knows that wolves still roam. Because of this belief, no one takes him seriously & think of him as a drunken old man. He hunts for the wolves with his companion, Blue.

As you watch the series, you see their triumphs, their losses, their struggles, & encounter new allies & enemies. There are several twists here & there, & an ending you won't forget!
Wolf's Rain, a truly awesome anime. Sadly, it's no longer shown on television. (Thank goodness for DVDs!)
by Morava March 7, 2007
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