A phrase LeafyIsHere uses all the time making everyone want to commit suicide
"He is LITERALLY a 25 year old man!"
by LunaStark292 October 28, 2016
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French for give me some fucking cola before I break your fucking lip.
"I want a god damn liter of cola."

"I dont know what that is."

"Liter is french, for give me some fucking cola before I break your fucking lip!"
by colincatastrophe September 23, 2006
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Literally means actually or without exaggeration.

Saying literally, you are describing something exactly how it happened, you are being literal.
1. The mo ate the tuna and literally broke out into hives, seriously, my friend.
2. I literally pissed my pants laughing at that awesome joke.
by SpicyCrawTaters June 08, 2014
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A word with very limited application in the English language that is nonetheless used extensively by millennials, and also by middle-aged hipster liberals, in attempts to sound smart and well-informed. The word is needlessly inserted into may statements, and is used gratuitously and/or incorrectly.
Chick I met at an anti-Trump rally: "I am literally so angry about the government shut down."
Me: "Literally? You were literally mad? You were afraid I would think you meant you were 'angry' figuratively?"

Same chick:"Oh my god, that was so funny I literally pissed myself!"
Me: "Um...are you sure?"
by D-baggie January 22, 2018
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A word that dipshit millenials (99% of the time a female) use to show emphasis. Almost always used incorrectly instead of the word figuratively. A dead giveaway that the person who uses the word is a mouth breathing degenerate who got a C in English class. These people often do not know the difference between "they're", "their", and "there".

Literally actually means exactly what is said.
Dumb millenial chick: omg last time we were their I literally died laughing

Smart dude: you mean figuratively, not literally. And it's "there", not "their"

Dumb millenial chick: ugh whatever
by Interix88@gmail.com November 02, 2016
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A word my girlfriend and her friends use to pronunciate everything....literally
Literally, you need to stop saying that word....Literally you have said that word one thousand times today. I am so sick of that word, literally!!.....
by zupdave June 23, 2006
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