The cure to opioids and no one can tell me different.
Lip balm is made in heaven
by Smallpp69 January 7, 2020
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This is where the guy uses only the tip of his penis and rubs it around the lips of the vagina.
After skiing Sierra had chapped lips below but her boyfriend Was just Lip Balming her so it's all good.
by That nasty January 21, 2014
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The most amazing sensation on your crusty lips.

- your local lip balm
person 1: ay yo, you got any lip balm

person 2: yeah, for your crusty ass lips
by Crusty ass lips December 17, 2019
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Where a guy rubs his penis on someone's mouth (lips).
ex. "I was busy lip balming your sister last night!"
by pseduonym09 January 25, 2016
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a confused little boy who doesn't jerk off but fancies watching his fathers jerk off and poop on eachother.
boy1: dude sick! are your dads in there having sex??
boy2: yeahhh dudee wanna be a lip balm and watch??
boy1: only if i can join.
by meowmixpleasedeliver January 24, 2010
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gel used on your vagina for itch relief
I was feeling uncomfortable, so I bought some lip balm to stop the itching.
by Man Nuts January 24, 2009
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When someone says something to another person (or group of persons) that, for one reason or another, does not illicit a response. (This phrase was created amongst a group of friends attending Lewis College, Illinois, in the early 1970's, when one of them picked up a tube of ointment labeled LIP BALM, and said to the group, "Whose lip balm is this?" When no one acknowledged that he had even spoken, the person repeated the phrase, "Lip balm... lip balm...")
When I gave my opinion to the discussion group about the latest Tom Hanks movie, everyone completely lip balmed me!
by Bill Telfer August 30, 2005
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