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The female equivalent of tea-bagging. Usually performed on unwary or sleeping individuals.
Particularly effective with an audience.
Joey was napping when Susie delivered a surprise Lip Dip
by the BGR August 22, 2014
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the female equivalent to 't-bagging' someone - resting/placing/stamping your vagina lips onto their forehead or personal property without their knowledge as a joke or an act of revenge
Dude better watch it, or he'll get his scooter lip dipped if he keeps parking in my spot!
by rohahn October 27, 2015
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Similar to male teabagging, a female squats over someone’s face and lowers her vagina onto the person. Lip Dip is used as a practical joke or prank when performed on someone who is passed out or asleep. It can also be a sexual act as well. Called Lip Dip because vaginas have labia lips.
At the sorority house last night, silly Sally drank 3 bottles of Boone's Farm wine passed out on the floor again, but this time the whole pledge class gave her a Lip Dip! Like, tots embarrassing!
by Dick B. Tricklin July 03, 2018
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