Someone that likes Linkin Park. I will admit that they have poorly written lyrics, but they layer their music well. If you listen to just the bass lines, or just the guitar parts, etc., then you will see how hard it is to accomplish. I know alot about music and I like alot of great bands. These guys in LP may not be classics or change the way rock is done, but they were a new idea and great at the time. So stop hatin on people just because they don't have the same taste as you. PLUS, most of you haters are just people that don't know jack shit about music.
by Jayehawk December 29, 2004
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See loser or fag. One with very little knowledge of real music, usually people who want to look cool, and usually are nerds.
Ping is a Linkin Park fan because he wants to act cool. Too bad his glasses are as thick as a wall and he wears pants up to his belly-button.
by MexWanker July 04, 2004
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Someone who usually claims nobody "gets" them. They always cry about how bad their parents are even though they get anything they want. Usually wear wrist bands or some ridiculous looking long sleeve shirt under their t-shirt to cover their arms, so nobody sees their razor cuts. They wear a studded belt and paint their finger nails black.
I'm so depressed, my parents don't get me, i'm going to take a bottle of aspirin. Well? Give me more attention already..
by xps April 10, 2005
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The most hardcore fans in the world. NOT. they usually consist of prepubescent little girls or guys who are uncomfortable or confused with their sexuality.
that Linkin Park fan is very sensitive and emo
by poopoopeepeekaka October 16, 2009
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