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A furry webcomic by Jay Naylor, started in 2003 and still being updated today. Follows the life of Fisk and Lucy Black growing up in Georgia in the 1980s. Very good, recommended if you don't mind furry stuff. There are adult themes, but it's not pornographic, thank god.
Quote from Better Days chapter one
Fisk: mom, what does "fuck my brains" out mean?
by Bashe July 25, 2006
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THE ultimate album of thrash. Released by Slayer in 1986, it's full of heavy, evil riffs and breakneck tempos. This album is the pinnacle of thrash metal, if not music istelf.

You must have this record!
Retard: omg like slipnot is extremely heavy death brutalcore hard death!!!!111
Guy: Just listen to Slayer's Reign in Blood
Retard: *listens* holy shit!
by Bashe April 16, 2006
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A block of "heavy metal" videos played on Vh1 classic on Monday, Friday and Saturday. Heavy metal is in quotes since, regardless of the name, they tend to play too much glam music, thinking it's heavy metal, and not enough true heavy metal music. Seemingly getting worse.
*Sees the somewhat psychotic intro for the Metal Mania show*
Guy: Hey, this is going to kick ass! PLAY THOSE METAL VIDS!
*Bon Jovi plays*
Guy: ANOTHER DAMN GLAM VIDEO!? Might as well call this "Glam Mania."
by Bashe February 5, 2006
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Awesome album by Metallica. Features great songs like Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls, the title track, and more. Awesome stuff from Metallica with more goodness to follow...also the name of some stupid indie rock's album that no one cares about that they used to get attention just because they're a bunch of thieving whores.
Ride the Lightning is a terrific album.
by Bashe January 1, 2006
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Someone who teaches students at a school, whether it be preschool or high school. Teachers can vary in niceness from the best teacher who gives almost no homework and lets you do anything to a teacher that constantly screams at the class and gives assloads of homework.

Teachers, even if they seem mean, are not bad people. Yelling or other disciplines are just their way of doing things. I am not one who likes teachers yelling, but it's not their fault. If you're stuck in a class full of assholes and teeny boppers with no common sense and never shut the fuck up for 5 seconds, even the nicest teachers may lose it, maybe more frequently than others. It all depends on your classmates, and even you.
Teachers are good people that want you to learn and be able to get a good future, but if your asshole classmates fuck up class every day, that goal gets pushed farther and farther away...
by Bashe February 26, 2006
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When someone puts Ice Cream in a glass and pours root beer on it. Tasty, and has nothing to do with sex.
Yum, root beer float.
by Bashe March 4, 2006
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