I couldn't fall asleep until 10:00 AM because I was out line dancing last night.
by C from the D June 14, 2008
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When your about to sniff a line of drugs and your pacing back and forth because you know that once you do it, it's going to burn like hell.
Guy 1: "Dude, quit being a pussy and stop line dancing and just DO IT!"

Guy 2: "Fuck that dude, I know it's going to burn so bad that half my face will hurt!"
by Sinful Divinity April 25, 2012
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Line Dancing is Anal Sex with multiple partners in one night.
by Cooper Oil Tool October 6, 2007
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key cause of inbreeding in the Southern United States.
We wuz line dancin' and drinkin' moonshine; next thing I know I'm wakin' up in my cousin's trailer!
by Rick August 8, 2003
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In which a group of 5 or more girls lines up on a bed while a male repeatedly and in rapid succession thrusts and ejaculates in them, usually for mass reproduction.
"Hey girl, wanna come over to my house and line dance?"
by sextionaryist November 25, 2016
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Noun. The act of throwing a box of bullets into a campfire usually with a large group of people.
by Haigy July 26, 2011
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