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In the Book of Lillith (one of the apocryphal books of the Bible) she was Adam's first wife but refused God's word of male dominance and proved it by being on "top" during intercourse. She was banished from the Garden of Eden and was taken in by Satan-el to be one of his many wives.
The Book of Enoch, The Book of Razi-el, and The Book of Lillith are supposedly lost chapters from the Bible and remain unconfirmed in their origin. They have however existed for many centuries.
by krau_soles October 28, 2005
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known as the first vampire, the first succubus, the first temptress. was Adams first wife and is worshipped as a snake and/or owl diety.
was formed the same as Adam, and when told to be submissive, left the garden of Eden to live in darkness.
When God sent his angel to retrieve her, she turned him away by speaking the name of god. Was said to give birth to demons, and kill children in their sleep.
mother to child:
here is a charm to protect you from lillith
by AnjilsBaby November 03, 2008
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An amazing girl with amazing looks and an amazing personality. Shes shy but when you get to know her you find out shes the funniest and most awesome girl out there. Once you meet her you never want to let her go. She also got a kim k booty and PURPLE HAIR.
Damn she must be a Lillith.

I lost my husband to a Lillith, oh well.
by The realest Honey Badger December 19, 2015
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In the Vampicic culture, Lillith was Adams First wife and the Mother of Cain. She was kicked out of the Garden of Eden for some unknown reason and in order to survive made a pact with Lucifer. Cain eventually met Lillith in the land of Nod(where he was banashed to), and drank of Lillith to survive. Thus becoming the matron and patron of all vampires.
man 1 "man, my first wife was a real Lillith"

man 2 " what do you mean?"

man 1 " she was a real bitch who left me for some guy named Ted."
by James Manning August 21, 2005
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Often confused with adam in the Greates anime of all time: Neon Genesis Evangelion
I see now Lillum, Lillith! -Kawrou Nagisa
by ^_^......... May 10, 2005
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