Another name for the great physicist, Finnegan Webber. Known as the master of the slinky, slayer of women and for his world renowned song, Earth.
Lil dicky: Greeting physicists
by Ch1cken Nugger November 29, 2019
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A singer who doesn’t stop talking about girls testicles
My lil dicky account is expiring my life is ending
by I’m going to hell May 7, 2019
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An white jewish comedy rapper that is well known for songs like "$ave Dat Money" "Proffesional Rapper" & many more.
Person 1 : yo do you like Lil Dicky?
Person 2 : yahhhh, he is very funny!
Person 1 : me too homie
by LilSlimC November 12, 2017
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a white rapper that has nothing to do with rap and like to talk about his tiny dick
person 1: Yo you heared the new lil dicky song
person 2: who the fuck is lil dicky
person 1: eminem 2.0
by Darfgt December 23, 2018
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Perhaps the worst rapper of the modern day. Made the worst rap song of the year two years in a row (Freaky Friday in 2018, Earth in 2019). Hopefully he can be euthanized so he can stop talking about his fucking dick all the time.
Lil Dicky: Did you guys know I have a small dick! It's practically the only thing I rap about!
Everyone: What Cleveland is to Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Dicky's small penis is to Lil Dicky.
by thefuzzydice January 19, 2020
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The person who sucked a million man's dick and has small balls.
he also created freaky friday where he and Chris Brown fucked with each other
man: are you LiL Dicky?
guy: Yesssss wanna fuck each other?
by dick sucker boii May 26, 2019
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