Phrase used to describe the notion of two people switching bodies in reference to the "Freaky Friday" movies.
That guy is SO girly--he should totally freaky friday with that one masculine girl.
by Auntie Tae July 23, 2006
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to have as many drinks and other party favors as possible on a great friday night!
on that one freaky friday me and the homiies konsumed so much booze, we took those girls home from waffle house!!...or that girl had to have had alot of drinks she got naked on the dance floor! WoW!!!!
by h8tred March 13, 2010
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Often on Friday the thirteenth. Named a song and movie. Freaky Friday is the definition of being a wannabe and being a little drunk. Think of it as when lil dicky and Chris brown switched. Epicness
I woke up in Chris browns body so high this shit turned into freaky Friday
by Alles über mich May 1, 2018
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Dave invites all his gay friends over and Dave gets hella dick with his best gay friends💓💓
Dave said, get your big ass over here logan for some freaky Friday!”
by Zach1974274 March 30, 2019
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in a heterosexual relationship when the woman puts on a strap-on on and fucks the man in the ass
kourtney and I were freaky friday-ing last night, my asshole is so sore, I had to sit on frozen peas all day.”
by Clairance McCracken February 9, 2019
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When the person you are dating fucks a different girl on fridays.
p1: “helll yeah man i cant wait for it to be freaky friday my other girl gettin boring”
p2: “isnt that cheating?”
by sandwitchzz June 2, 2022
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