Someone who likes everything you post on Facebook. It's the Facebook equivalent to "Yes Man".
I had to unfriend Brad because he liked EVERYTHING I posted on Facebook. It got really annoying. He was a goddamned Like Man.
by Chris.G December 29, 2011
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An insult used to declare that a person has done something homosexual or displeasing. The term orginated in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The term litterally would mean "You Like Men" however in bahamian slang "Men" is typically substituted for "Man." It is not strictly used to declare that a person is Gay or has done something homosexual, on the contrary it can be used when the user feels that a person has done or is doing something unpleasing, upsetting or even disrespectful or wrong.
"You like man, bey"

"You like man for doin' that, dog"

"You liking alot of man today, chief"
by Duh Boi February 19, 2009
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You can get sexual with your homies, but it’s not gay as it’s just bromance and a way of showing love to your homies.
Yes bro you can kiss me, Man Like Man though
by Drip Papi February 26, 2020
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Living like a man is doing what you want, when you want, because you want to. One who lives like a man is free of limitations. No person can deter one from living like a man if the individual is, in fact, living like a man. Living like a man often involves eating large quantities of any kind of food which is desired at that specific time. Another common trait of one who lives like a man is a person who wants something and buys it. The mere desire to own something, however slight, is justification enough to purchase the item for someone who lives like a man.
Pussy; "You can't eat that whole bannana cream pie!"

Person who lives like a man; "Fuck off! I live like a man!"
by mike mc lovin March 19, 2008
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A common insult among horses to signify that one horse has a smaller than average dick.
*Neigh!* Translation: Dude, you're totally hung like a man! Haha!
by awesomejock July 14, 2008
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To not respond to physical emotional pain in an emotional way. To keep emotions and actions under control.

To be macho, and not show that you are in any physical way or manner and never talking about your feelings.

Usually an expression used to say to a man or young man, or train young boys how to be a man in society. (It is not very frequently said to women, unless in a joking or occasionally mocking manner)
Scenario 1: Boy gets hit with a baseball during a game.
Coach: Joey, just shake it off. Take it like a man.

Senario 2: Dad tells his son: Son, if a girl ever hits you, you can never hit her back. You're just gonna have to take it like a man.
by Berkberk May 4, 2016
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