A guy that is in love with light skin girls.

Otherwise known as "lightskin lovers", "LOL", and "mixed girl sprung "
"That guy has light skin fever."
by thatgirl1998 February 23, 2014
Light Skin Line is a phrase used by Kpop fans. Kpop fans say this as a joke when the kpop idols act like a light skin person.
Ateez light skin line is back at it.

Yangyang is added to the light skin line after this happened.
You can not tell me that Namjoon is not apart of the light skin line.
by missgirlnctzen November 13, 2020
a black girl who is either mixed or just naturally has ligher skin than most black people.

Light skinned girls, because of their high desirability, often talk to many guys at once flirting and leading all of them on without ever actual putting out. Light skinned girls are also extremely bad at answering phone calls, responding to text messages, or following through with plans. Another trait of a light skinned girl is a constantly vibrating phone from the constant stream of messages, tweets, likes, shares, follows, retweets, and favorited pictures. Conversation with light skinned girls is almost impossible without perfect timing, words must be interjected into their busy schedule of posing for selfies, taking selfies, posting selfies, and giving their selfies tags like "#TeamLightSkin, #NoFilter, #SoUgly, #DontHate, #JustWokeUP, #WishIWasPretty"
Light skinned girls will cause you to lose other potential women by causing you to focus all your efforts into fucking them until realize you're never hitting that.
Tom: What the fuck! I almost got fired the other day for having my phone vibrate in my pocket and Becky's over their texting in front of the manager
Randy: Duh, Becky's a light skinned girl

Travis: Dude i can't believe Shanelle stood me up last night
Mike: Shanelle the light skinned girl?
Travis: yeah!
Mike: Well what'd you expect thats what they do

Kyle: i cant believe i got Shawnna's number
Mark: Yeah i got it 6 months ago...
Kyle: Oh gross i dont want your sloppy seconds!!
Mark: chill bro, she's a light skinned girl. she played like we were gonna fuck for months....i never even made out with her
by HEARTLESSTHEMONSTER December 21, 2013
Light skin charm is any charming personality by a light skin male
Girls like my boys light skin charm
by Kcash7 December 26, 2017
A boy who thinks he's a man. But he's actually very insecure. Likes to say he's not talking to different girls at the same time but does. Continues on saying that he's not a part of drama but nine times out of ten he started it. Wants you to chose him over your

You see that light skin boy over there.

Leave him alone he has too many issues
by Gulazar February 4, 2017
A very light colored african-american. Sometimes it is referred to biracial or mixed people. It is not light-skinned, it is skin-did.
That light skin-did boy pushed my baby girl down in the hallway at school.
by cartwright April 7, 2006