A very attractive and sexy caramel skinned guy that will treat you right. They are very loyal and got a good heart. They can be very freaky in bed too.
Girl 1: I love light skin guys!
Girl 2: Me too, they're the best!
by YummyMustard December 12, 2018
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A light skin person is a person who is black who has a lighter skin tone even though they are not mixed with anything else. They are just black with a light skin tone.
My mum and dad are black but I came out as a light skin tone.
by Realword February 11, 2021
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A light-skin happens when one parent is white and one is black . They are usually Full of themselves because they are attractive and get the most girls which gets to there head and usually end up cheating .they are also only kind to girls and other light-skins. If your girl is friends with one good luck ( they also don’t fight fair ) p.s they are not all bad but I never meant a nice one
Would you slap A light-skin for $100

Girls : omg no there so hot

Boys : slap a light-skin for $100 .... I DO THAT SHIT FOR FREE
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by That Florida man guy October 04, 2020
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(noun) a slang term used by blacks to address white people, particularly white males and particularly in street/drug situations. The term is usually a non-derogatory alternative to white boy.
by tw1969 January 31, 2006
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A person who wants to talk about racism all the time and saying the n word is bad when they say it but one of their parents is white.
Person of any other race:Wassup my N*gga
Light Skins:Did you just say the N Word your so racist
Dark skin:Its cool
by SomeRandomPersonYouDontCareAbt October 21, 2020
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