light skin is a person who is either bi-racial/multi-racial,mixed with black and white /black but of lighter complexion/yellow-bone,yellow complexion/ or has skin a few shades darker than white skin but a few shades lighter than dark skin.
NB:do not confuse light skin and white skin
My favourite artist is Rihhana who is light skin.
The light skin Jamaican woman has a beautiful Afro hair.
by Mrs Bhadie July 29, 2020
A light-skin happens when one parent is white and one is black . They are usually Full of themselves because they are attractive and get the most girls which gets to there head and usually end up cheating .they are also only kind to girls and other light-skins. If your girl is friends with one good luck ( they also don’t fight fair ) p.s they are not all bad but I never meant a nice one
Would you slap A light-skin for $100

Girls : omg no there so hot

Boys : slap a light-skin for $100 .... I DO THAT SHIT FOR FREE
by That Florida man guy October 4, 2020
Light Skinned refers to skin color most commonly in people who live in Europe or Asia. It is NOT tanned skin because the term is associated with white. Only fucking idiots use the term light skinned as a slang to classify a person or people who have olive skin.
Tyrique: Hey, you see that look light skinned chick with the booty over there? Imma get her number.
Mark: Shithead, she's olive skinned, and stfu, you know damn well she won't talk to guys who can't read, buy fake shoes, and those butt ugly ass teeth of yours from smoking.
by Fuck you pay me fuckers October 28, 2014
(noun) a slang term used by blacks to address white people, particularly white males and particularly in street/drug situations. The term is usually a non-derogatory alternative to white boy.
by tw1969 January 31, 2006
when some is leaving you on read or isnt opening messages or taking calls or just not replying as a stereotypical light skinned would.
him: man she when into light skinned mode she hasn't answered any of my calls or text

her: dang.
by lemon squirt September 6, 2017
Light skins are people who wanna get mad about people saying the n word when they are half white and one of their parents is the reason why racism is a thing.
Any other Race besides Blacks and Light Skins:Wassup my n*gga
Light Skins:What you are so racist OMG

Dark Skins: Its cool
by SomeRandomPersonYouDontCareAbt October 21, 2020
A mixed black and white boy. It can also just be a boy with a skin tone lighter than black but darker than white (caramel) not necessarly biracial.
He's a Light skin boy. His dad is black and his mom is white.
Will Smith is a Light skin boy.
by Yadya December 23, 2019