A Cult addressed to the light skins of the world where Drake is the 6 God and everyone has curly hair, black nike hats, and bomb eyeliner (guys bomb facial hair) with a pretty white smile
"Yo are you part of that light skin cult"

"Yeah bro we got those caramel thotties"
by lightskinthottie February 1, 2016
is a bad ass bitch with a lil attitude, a lil sas , and a lil demanding. They sum big as scary baby’s when they don’t get what they want. They all play niggas back to back when they single but in a relationship they LOYAL ASF.
Light skinned female are the best
by becky076 August 15, 2019
A person who wants to talk about racism all the time and saying the n word is bad when they say it but one of their parents is white.
Person of any other race:Wassup my N*gga
Light Skins:Did you just say the N Word your so racist
Dark skin:Its cool
by SomeRandomPersonYouDontCareAbt October 21, 2020
Light skins are people who wanna get mad about people saying the n word when they are half white and one of their parents is the reason why racism is a thing.
Any other Race besides Blacks and Light Skins:Wassup my n*gga
Light Skins:What you are so racist OMG

Dark Skins: Its cool
by SomeRandomPersonYouDontCareAbt October 21, 2020
How a light skinned player acts. They’re light skin and for sure going to play you.
I know he’s going to break my heart. He’s on that light skin shit.
by Lgtsknbshh March 17, 2021
A term black people use to describe the house hand relationship with field hand phenomenon that caries on to present day of light is better than dark. If you have a superiority complex or perception that you do .
Oh look at him" acting light skinned" , he think he better ! That car,close, jewelry , etc. Ain't shit
by Big donker January 24, 2021