A very light colored african-american. Sometimes it is referred to biracial or mixed people. It is not light-skinned, it is skin-did.
That light skin-did boy pushed my baby girl down in the hallway at school.
by cartwright April 7, 2006
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where a half-Black half-white male suddenly looks over at a smoking women and bites his bottom lip while making eye contact.
Gerard got that light skin stare.
by Hot PP Owner November 28, 2022
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A Cult addressed to the light skins of the world where Drake is the 6 God and everyone has curly hair, black nike hats, and bomb eyeliner (guys bomb facial hair) with a pretty white smile
"Yo are you part of that light skin cult"

"Yeah bro we got those caramel thotties"
by lightskinthottie February 1, 2016
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Light Skin Line is a phrase used by Kpop fans. Kpop fans say this as a joke when the kpop idols act like a light skin person.
Ateez light skin line is back at it.

Yangyang is added to the light skin line after this happened.
You can not tell me that Namjoon is not apart of the light skin line.
by missgirlnctzen November 13, 2020
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Light skin charm is any charming personality by a light skin male
Girls like my boys light skin charm
by Kcash7 December 26, 2017
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A facial expression done by THE MOST GORGEOUS AMAZINGEST GALS EVER KNOWN TO MANKIND that go by the name Anwita :) consists of a raised eyebrow and a weird mouth position
Yo what is Anwita doinggg
Think she’s doing that light skin staree
by Jemappelleperson February 4, 2023
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