A fully black person with light olive to medium brown skin complexion.
I’m fully black just turned out light skin tho
by Shimone February 28, 2022
When you are undergoing your light-skin arc. Similar to character development but with light-skins.
Mike:”Bro I thing I’m going through my light-skin arc
Jake:”what do you mean my boi?”
Mike:”my inner light-skin is coming out”
Jake:”oh no bro
by yessir01 June 6, 2022
Ethnicity of Hispanic or Latin culture with a lighter shade of skin color almost white
Damn you are so sexy

Oh really

Yeah you must be one of them light skinned Mexicans

Lmao you are fuckin funnyyy
by Puffy vagina serum December 14, 2022
This type of Tyrell is a legend this nigga get all the hoes all the bitchs with out even trying. The reason is 2 things he has the biggest penis out of anybody you know ranging from 1-3 feat long. Usually short but the height goes some where else .
Light skin Tyrell= a lad with loads of friends
by A blck b0y June 8, 2022