A black person whose skin is lighter then brown. The skin tone of a light skinned person varies and they can be along what is referred to as a "Red Bone", a "High Yella", or a more caramel complextion.
"Hey you see that Light Skin, red bone, boy over there? He's the one that threw the bean pie at you."
by Dat Red Bone Gal January 15, 2009
A guy/girl from the Black community who are lighter than the usual "black"
That girl ain't sexy dark chocolate, she light-skinned.
by Kalayla June 24, 2006
Dont get this word and Lightskin confused… light skin is when you have a light brown skin color that changes into different types of brown in different lighting
Guy:So you’re a lightskin?

Me: No I have light skin though
by BigHeadBoss February 7, 2022
Light skin is someone who has either a light brown or light olive skin complexion. Examples of light skin range in color. Those who are light brown like LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Paula J Parker, Will Smith, Yara Shahidi, and Jada Pinkett Smith are all in the darkest shade of light skin but still are considered in the light skin because they are too light to be considered dark skin.

The lightest of the light skin would be the olive complexion. This is more towards those that are extremely light skin. Examples would be Rihanna, Lauren London, Tisha Campbell, Alicia Keys, and Jhene Aiko.
by Ria19 April 12, 2019
a term used to describe a person who is mixed with african american and white. which would give the person a darker skin tone then that of a white person and a lighter skin tone then that of a black person.
i seen this boom light skin female when i was with my boys two hours ago.
by C monei October 11, 2006
The girls with the best smelling and wet pussy but the weakest niggas
Damn light skin pussy the best.
Light skin niggas ain't shit.
by Hood definitions here July 11, 2019
A Fuck boy who is mixed race but will always say he can fight when really he can't throw hands for shit
He's a light skin he must be a fuck boy
by Real12trappy June 17, 2021