a term used to describe a person who is mixed with african american and white. which would give the person a darker skin tone then that of a white person and a lighter skin tone then that of a black person.
i seen this boom light skin female when i was with my boys two hours ago.
by C monei October 10, 2006
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light skin is a person who is either bi-racial/multi-racial,mixed with black and white /black but of lighter complexion/yellow-bone,yellow complexion/ or has skin a few shades darker than white skin but a few shades lighter than dark skin.
NB:do not confuse light skin and white skin
My favourite artist is Rihhana who is light skin.
The light skin Jamaican woman has a beautiful Afro hair.
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by Mrs Bhadie July 29, 2020
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A very attractive caramel skinned guy that will treat you right. They are very loyal and got a good heart. They can be very freaky in bed too.
Girl 1: I love light skin guys!
Girl 2: Me too, they're the best!
by YummyMustard December 12, 2018
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Light skin is a human skin color and is most commonly found amongst the native populations of Europe and Northeast Asia as measured through skin reflectance.
Addy: Oh! He is lightskin

Bear: yeah he is.
by Addysum December 20, 2020
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A lightskin is a person a lighter than black and darker than white completion he can say the n word with no problem because he's usually a descendant of a black ancestor
A lightskin person is usually very attractive and has an abundance of girls to choose from

Don't be fooled by them being emotional because they are cold hearted assholes
This lightskin guy is so cute, we even made eye contact.
by Wave Papi April 11, 2019
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The girls with the best smelling and wet pussy but the weakest niggas
Damn light skin pussy the best.
Light skin niggas ain't shit.
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by Hood definitions here July 11, 2019
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