When your life currently isn't good or bad just slight low slopes of ups and downs
Speaker 1: How's Life
Speaker 2: Idk Lifey
by 741dude April 10, 2016
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(similar to wifey, but gender neutral)

Term of endearment for small niche of people (40s, 50s) who are unmarried, but in a committed relationship
If we were 75, you’d be ‘my lady friend’ and I’m too old to be your boyfriend. And I’m straight, so I don’t want to call you ‘partner’. So, imma call you my #lifey
by @indigo_ethos August 20, 2019
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When life isn’t just good or bad but just kinda being life. Sometimes it’s the only word to describe life or your day.
Ben: Hey Malcom, hows life going man?
Malcom: Its been pretty lifey lately if I’m being honest.
Ben: Oh damn I get it man. It’s like that sometimes.
by iamanthonydean February 07, 2019
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