The best response to the pointless question "how's life?"
Them: Hey dude! How's life?
You knowing this is a horrible conversation starter: life is life
by Jezij August 31, 2018
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This is what you say after something bad happens to you.
1. Tripping and falling on the ground - you say "my life my life"
2. Your girlfriend breaks up with you
3. You get hit by a bus
4. You accidently cut yourself
5. You cant think of any more examples for something
by GaaMonga August 4, 2009
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A dope who thinks that driving a tow truck for minimum wage is an amazing career when in reality, they are just to stupid to work a real job.
Son, did you see that toothless homeless guy hanging around the convenience store, that’s the new midnight shift Tow-Life Low-Life.
by Pirate Lyfe October 6, 2021
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An awesome/terrible bit of fanfiction writing by squirrelking.
Starring John Freeman in his attempt to help his brother Gordon Freeman, it is chock full of hysterical spelling errors and poor writing. Also has a sequel- Half Life: Full Life Consequences 2 What Has Tobe Done

2.A fantastically mod-ed depiction of squirrelking's fanfic, narrated quite energetically. It has become somewhat popular online. Available on youtube
Here are the links to both forms of Half Life: Full Life Consequences

by Paufan October 31, 2008
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intently badly spelt fan fiction by squirrelking it was later made into a series by Djy1991 and LordTeisel for youtube
(person 1) did you see the new Half-Life Full-life Consequences yet ?

(person 2) yea its very funny
by Orangadan July 12, 2009
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life unworthy of life
one of the nazi ideologies which involves in the idea which some life are not worthy of having a life
Nazi one: Heard about the jews?
Nazi two: You mean the people who have life unworthy of life?
by antilife October 17, 2009
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You are a hoe hoeing around and just being stupid then a motherfucker but then you just really need to stop with this
Melissa: hoe life or no life

Me: stop that's not cool
Melissa: you have no life
by Hoe life or no life March 17, 2017
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