Used to describe the feeling that you get when someone loves you as you need and their presence makes everything better. Also used to signify a person that one-up's your life.
Hey? Bruh you seem super happy lately.
Yeah this girl's lifing me up, buddy.

everything feels no nice. For real it's a Life Up.
by daddypanda9 February 17, 2022
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When your life unintentionally "one ups" everyone elses.
When you walk into your house after a long run and you see your friend sitting on your couch and your friend says, "Hey I ran three miles earlier, how far did you just run?" Then you say "4 miles.. One up life Bro."
by DormAds August 31, 2012
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One who is living with a gypsy soul and willing to go where the wind blows them for however long it lasts. Able and willing to relocate and live in any city on demand and assimilate to the local culture quickly.
Her pop up life took her to 4 cities in 3 years. When people asked her where she lived she couldn't answer the question with certainty.
by Global Dreamer November 24, 2015
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you know that already if you are reading this
Life is fucked up no matter where you are or when it is. It's always fucked up for multiple people.
by newAcronym December 17, 2018
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Dude I just signed my kid up for Gerber Life's affordable grow up plan for young children. Hopefully he gets a head start for just pennies a day.
by curseddefinitionmaker December 2, 2020
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Thinking someone is stupid; trying to downplay someone's brutal/calculating capabilities; trying to mess someone over; assuming that someone gives a fuck about how you feel.
If you think we are still on good terms after you switched up on me, you got life fucked up in a BIG way.

Synonymous with the term: "Got me fucked up"
by D20202000 February 1, 2022
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