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Liepa is a beautiful short girl that has a gorgeous smile, she is funny, extremely smart, light-hearted and can be serious when she needs to, she is very talented and artistic,
Liepa is the cutest girl you’d ever meet and she is the most loving and caring,

the word perfect isn’t enough to describe her.
Liepa: *Being all cute*
Mahdi: “Wow I’ve never seena cuter girl”
Liepa: *Blush*
by MahdiiLY March 22, 2019
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A super cool girl that has airpods and loves "kinder" chocolate . Also she loves loves everyone named Dovydas and Jogintas
-BRO , Liepa got the new iPhone 11 !

-Wow she's so cool ! I wish I was her friend !
by SexyEytanMan October 17, 2019
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A very obscure man who oftens disappears from his friends when on an outing. He can be very entertaining when alcohol is involved, but falls in a heap the later the drinking goes on. He likes to stay close to home and form strong bonds with his local publicans.
Do you want to go across town tonight?

Nah, I'd rather hang near home.

Geez, you're a liepa!
by casper321 January 11, 2010
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Liepa is a beautiful girl who always has a smile on her face. She always looks out for others and is hilarious. Plus she needs something to fidget with.
"Hey what are you doing?"
"Just fidgeting! "
"Haha you're such a Liepa!"
by Yas boi May 16, 2017
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Liepa is a beautiful woman, Strong and wise, has a fire inside of her heart, Can be the bright light in everyone's eye, a true twinkle in the eye. Liepa has a strong mind and voice, powerful in every word, liepa Is a legend, remember when you see liepa.. to always keep in mind, she has your back always will <3
"Is that liepa?? <3"
"Yeah that's liepa Alright!"
by Elijahbrennen June 28, 2018
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