Mahdi has a very patient, gentle, and fun loving attitude. He is very bold and courageous. Mahdi is an adventurous risk taker who loves outdoors, enjoys all sports and is surprisingly good in bed. He is spontaneous and learns by doing and making mistakes instead of reading the instructions or planning extensively. He is open minded and gives you space to do what you want but be careful not to cross his boundaries. Mahdi is very loyal to his family and makes a great partner. He is a cool calm problem solver who secretly loves eloquent verbally fluid social people.
OMG, he looked at me like a grizzly; in fact he looked through me!
"But he's smiling at you now"
Yeah he must be a Mahdi -:)
by Emily-sc July 10, 2019
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Sweetener 💡:
Mahdi is usually a skinny handsome guy with black hair and dark brown eyes.
Mahdi can be really sweet,funny and charming if he wants to.
He prefers being himself rather than pretending.
Once he falls in love nothing can stop him, but becareful about every single word you use when you talking with him because he's really sensitive and once you broke his heart he can't be the same old Mahdi :)
If you have a Mahdi in your life don't let them down because they can be a miracle.
Sara: isn't that Mahdi?
Mani: yes, i missed him, I can't believe he left us because of a simple argue.
by Madara_1_sma August 18, 2018
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Mahdi is a great man with a generally good personality. Mahdi's have big penis sizes and allot of swag. They charming and awesome and very good in relationships.
Alan: Hey did you hear about that new kid, Mahdi! He has so much swag and his penis is HUGE!
Jessica: I would love to date him.
by Swagsaywhat March 6, 2013
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In Arabic Mahdi, literally means, 'one rightly guided', and is often interpreted as 'the guided one'.

In Islam, Imam Mahdi is an ordinary man who will one day seek balance and stability in his daily life by simply following the teachings of the Qur'an. He will interpret the Holy Book like no one ever had before, and reach a perfect level of certainty (full knowledge). His full understanding on the true and righteous meanings of Islam will lead him to guide the world into a period of fairness and justice on earth. He will be followed by Jesus (in the Qur'an mentioned as Isa), and; together they will lead the minds towards the Day of Judgement (mentioned as Qiyamat in the Qur'an) and raise the world into heaven.

In Christianity, the existence of Mahdi is unclear and often not a subject talked about. It is important to note that The New Testament is a book that has been created, altered and changed by many different human beings. Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as presented in canonical gospels (Paul, Luke, Truth, Thomas, John, etc..) and other new testaments. It was never created by the force of a Divine power, unlike the Torah in Judaism (Old Testament) or the Qu'ran in Islam.
Mahdi Mehdi Imam Mahdi Imam Mehdi Islam Religion Good Peace Tolerance Qu'ran Allah Creator Of The Universe
by creatorOfTheUniverse January 9, 2011
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Mahdi thinks he's hard but actually, he's not. He hangs out with all the cool kids and everyone loves him. Also lowkey he steals other peoples swag after dissing them.
Sup Mahdi
stfu kid do i even know you - Mahdi
by cubanTupac August 14, 2018
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Mahdi has a fkg big dick and gets all the bitches. He doesn't gaf about others. He fucks 3 to 4 bitches every day and smoke all the ops he sees.
Girls: ohhh Mahdi u have such a big dick
by rgdwyh January 19, 2022
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