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hot girl, has a weird name but amazing boobs. funny and pretty chill.
dayumm that liddy was cute.
by classof88 December 24, 2009
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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A Liddy is one of the kindest and most outgoing girls you’ll meet. She is usually into meme culture and is super artsy.

Liddys usually are gorgeous with many freckles and a bright smile.

A Liddy usually has a hilarious sense of humor, but she doesn’t think she does. While she would be funny, she has the worst self esteem. Make sure to check up on her every now and then.

If you know a Liddy make sure to never lose her.
Person one: yo! I just met the best person!
Person two: was she a Liddy ?

Person one: Yeah! How’d you know?

Person two: they’re amazing. Make sure to check in on her though she might be going through some stuff.
by Ladiesandgentlemanwegottem November 26, 2019
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Brad said, she’s hot and she got some nice liddies.
by Mamameesh April 29, 2020
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To break down an argument in an email line by line (sometimes word by word) and answering each point separately and painstakingly, even going so far as to call grammar and spelling into question. Also, having no sense of humor. Origins- Baltimore, MD- specifically with a certain fan of the G. Gordon Liddy Show.
Oh man, Chris just went all Liddy all over that email. He answered everything like a 4th grader does and even highlighted a typo!
by Chef Boy-R-Dee December 18, 2007
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