when your boss screws you up the ass slowly without you realising until it's too late.
damn, you got maneouvred.
by meatloaf September 14, 2004
often followed by "psycho baby psycho..." for emphasis. An expression of gratification with what is being observed and defining the observed event/item as extremely exciting, extraordinary, animated, mind-stimulating, striking, eventful or colorful. Used often in the 60's in New Orleans, LA, USA.
That jump stunt he did was psy-cho-de'-lic!
by Henry4 November 3, 2005
To be addicted to FUNK-A-HAL
Drinks of the FUNK-A-GODS and MUTH3R FUNK3R
"Hi, my name is Jon, and I'm a Funk-A-Hal-Lic..."
"Muth3r Funk3r this is some good Funk-A-Hal!!!"
by Muth3rFunk3r May 28, 2003
Lic Myra was a very famous scientist that discovered ligma and bofa. He sadly passed away on January 18th 2013
“Did you hear Lic Myra died?”
Yeah bro, he will be missed
by FLGpunisher January 5, 2021
A gay person that is a big weeb.
Oh look, it's Lic. SA, he is soo gay!
OMG, Lic. SA watches a lot of animes and yaoi, he is such a weeaboo.
by angelhater69 April 5, 2019
A type of person who enjoys the activity of lic-ing.
(side effects include lice and being a loser)
by tacocat1121 September 20, 2018