Like I Could Give A Shit

Used when you really don't care about something, or want to seem like you don't.
Person 1: Rick, your ex-girlfriend just killed herself.

Rick: Hah, LIC GAS.
by dbmag9 November 2, 2009
Someone who practices a religion very similar to Catholism, however those who practice tend to forget their strong moral convictions when a member of the opposite sex is involved.
Adam : Did you see Beth tonight she is dressed kind of skanky, doesn't she have church later?
Jim : Don't worry she is total Cath-whore-lic and Jon is at this party and she wants to get noticed.
by xaiver56 December 9, 2010
Means cool, awesome, another way of saying crack ass. Describes something that is undescribeable
OO SHIT, Thats FUNK-A-DEL-LIC dawg. That girl has a FUNK-A-DEL-LIC ass.
by MUTH3R FUNK3R March 24, 2003
Something Alec writes on his facebook but no one who speaks proper English knows what it means
Just hit me a lic finna blow a check
by Alec'sSister January 25, 2011

I couldn't spell dyslexic, so started typing it like this in chat and text, now we all just type and say it like this.

By the way I am dic-lec-lic
My iphone is totally dic-lec-Lic

I cant read this "Im dic-lec-lic
by Frank5 November 4, 2011