Is a dumb ass bitch who can’t do maths or read
“Omg Alice is sooo lic
by Iconicalice June 5, 2020
"im going to prom with Chris!"

"uhhh, lic!"
by ETiTtY88 May 7, 2006
Large in charge - Nickname for an overweight boss
by burger boy August 31, 2006
The best Meme page on Instagram. It’s one of the most well known meme pages around 😎😎
Friend 1: Hey, what’s your favourite meme page?

Friend 2: licful on instagram!

Friend 1: No way! Me too!
by Turdboi42069 October 27, 2020
LIC: Lack of Institutional Control for universities clearly cheating and violating the rules.
USC is about to get slapped with LIC for all the cheating they have been doing.

Of course, the NCAA seems to be a paper tiger so they will slap Little Brothers of the Seven Seas U with a LIC to make a point against the cheating by USC.
by concerneddenizen May 8, 2010
when u rob somebody car or house or even school locker
bro, that nigga jaren wasnt at home and he left his doors unlocked with his dumb azz, i hit a lic in dat bytch

i hit a lic when raven wasnt at her locker she had a itouch
by patrysha April 4, 2009