Someone who acts like a nut case or crack head.
Leave me alone, you insane crack ass!
by Meegz December 22, 2003
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1. somebody who is addicted to crack
2. somebody who blazed that shit up every day
3. my friend Noah who failed no nut November already
1. bruh you're such crack ass you need a new set of teeth
2. someone: did you see Charles he was blazing that shit up me: oh yeah what a crack ass
3. Noah: thank god I nutted before November i did it last night. me: last night is was the 1st. Noah: shit...=';l,mn
by thiswebsitedeservestobetermina November 2, 2020
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When something is as difficult as possible, when something never works properly.
I tried dealing with my crack ass computer again today.
by Mah-ree November 11, 2005
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When a person comes over, lays down a big fart and leaves, telling the others he will be back.
Dan and I were talking to a customer when Jim came over and decided that Cracking Ass was a good idea.
by joefromsc October 30, 2008
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(verb) pennsylvanian for farting loudly or violenty.
John just ate 10 tacos and is cracking ass like a muthafuka
by chewey March 20, 2006
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The unconfortable feeling that one gets after not wiping ones bum properly. It is usually exagerated if the downstairs area then gets sweaty from walking or exercise.
"Man! Walking up this hill has given me a bad case of crack ass"
by sefff September 3, 2008
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to shit violently,to shoot ass all over the seat and the bowl,to blow ass,to shit with sounds of pain.
by yetti March 21, 2003
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