If a child is named this they are a liberal coward. Libertys like to eat leafs and are mostly feral
"Haha i saw liberty eating some leafs on the side of the road"
"Yeah, sounds like a liberty"
by 69nohomonym April 22, 2019
In the advertising industry, used in reference to a non-creative member who attempts to dazzle clients with bland ideas masked by arrogance. Someone who does not understand the basics of the advertising business, yet pretends to be brilliant.
He took liberty to present the campaign to the client, and made a fool of himself doing so.
by S. Kwerll February 11, 2010
Liberty is the definition of freedom, and wisedom. If you wish to be liberated, you have to work hard(harder like the niggers in the 17th centurary). contact me if you wish to become a liberater
by Liberteh December 6, 2005
A beautiful athletic girl who loves to look at guys a lot . She's sweet pretty and sexy . Everyone loves her she's super popular.
wow liberti is so hot
by Liberti September 26, 2017
Something everyone on the earth deserves no matter what race, religion sex or country!
"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
-Patrick Henry before Virginia House of Burgesses
by Vic November 18, 2003
amazing. perfection. the best friend you could ask for. the greatest person on earth! liberty's are highly reccommended to NOT GO TO PRIVATE SCHOOL, as it generally kills those they are leaving behind/
wow, liberty is amazing!
by fasteddie119 March 22, 2010
liberty is a girl who hates herself. she’s often left out by her friends but whenever she try’s to tell her friends how she feels she gets shut down. she is prone to falling for people she can’t have. she has a really funny personality because she uses her jokes as a way of coping with her depression. overall she is the kind of person you’d want to go for advice because she’s been through it all. she loves strong and hurts strong too. and she HATE HATE HATES the liberty mutual ad.
“did you see liberty? what is she complaining about now.”
by fat ass ratatouille ass bitch December 9, 2019