A thing called Lia which is looking for girls as her prey and only girls
by Haha dildobagins June 28, 2021
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Lias is the best person ever, he is a beautiful person. Lias love girls and girls love him. He has so many friends. He is the fucking future bitches. Don't fuck with him wen i see.
Amanda: Look there's the new student... he is so hot.
Elisabeth: Hes name is Lias and look hes face it's so sexy!
Amanda: I'm gonna ask him if he want to go to bowling!
Elisabeth: No! It's my boyfriend.
by Zuupie March 20, 2020
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A small annoying child that comes from china/japan/hongkong etc one way to tell if a girl is called lia is to look on her head bc if look close enough u might just spot the mushroom that’s bigger than her head.
girl 1: oh you see that new girl, i wonder what her name is
girl 2: (looks at new girls head) oh she has a mushroom sticking out of her , aw she must be a lia !
by mummymushroom August 23, 2018
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Not all Lia's are nice, I know a Lia who sucks! The Lia's that suck stab you in the back, talk shit 'bout you and your friends and lie's about most stuff. The bad Lia might look nice, but she's actually evil in the inside. I don't know anything about the nice Lia's, but I'd really like to meet a nice Lia.
Friend: Hey, did you hear about the new kid?
Me: Yeah
Friend: She's really nice. You should meet her!
Me: ok
Friend: *introduces me to her*
Lia: It's nice to meet you, my name's Lia
Me: Nice to meet you too
Friend: *walks away feeling happy about introducing a friend to another friend*
Lia: *also walks away giving me the finger*
Me: ...that son of a-
by I'm_a_weird_pErSoN December 23, 2019
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a stupid bitch sandal lookin ass fatass hoe who cries herself to sleep every night
person 1: bruh look it’s that fatass bitch lia
person 2: yah i heard she cried herself to sleep last night lmao
person 1: lmao what a loser
by brjh April 21, 2020
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A very beautiful person who seems so innocent but isn't but she has a peng figure I'm talking big back big breast she makes your ex seem irrelevant
I you heard about lia she is so peng cuz i would defo smash-o
by Jacob241 July 06, 2018
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Lias is a name of (mostly) a boy.
This name is just for very smart persons
For example:

Lias Einstein
Lias Newton
Lias Obama
And this is just a small list of very smart persons with the name lias.
Also, persons with name Lias are very fit, they eat healthy, but sometimes a chocolate is there too.
The persons with name Lias got a very weird humour, but its funny.
Not every Lias is beautiful, but the most are.
Lias came from the word: liantistic |Lat
Translated it means: Special
Oh my, today you are very liantistic
Lias is smart af
by Dagobert Duck February 10, 2018
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