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Leyda is very unique person who always seems to make that certain someone's day. She always makes people smile and makes their stomach fill up with butterflies when she walk's in the room. Leyda is a beautiful, funny, caring, smart , and chill person. She always has someone falling for her and makes them fall in love with her without even realizing it.
L: U guys, I like Leyda
Everyone: Yeah, she's a keeper
by LLopezorega April 17, 2017
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Leyda meaning
Variant of Leda who was the Mythological queen of Sparta and mother of Helen of Troy.

Origin: Greek
Leyda is the queen of FaceBook! She has the best updates and status!
by The Attractive One February 04, 2010
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Leyda the girl who always finds a way to betrays you she calls her friend but she is usually lying she most of the time acts fake around you
Leyda: I'm your. Friend
Y\n : no u a fake as how
by Fuck off hoes March 29, 2017
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