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An amazing person and a TOTAL jokester, she's always making her friends and family laugh, leya might be shy at first but if u really get to know her she is one of the funnest person in the whole world. You won't be able to live with out her, she's also extremely hot, she catches all the boys and is a very loyal person. She's so beautiful that u would love her more everyday and would create bigger and better memories, she Dosent think she's pretty but everyone else thinks she is. Leya is also powerful, creative, OUTGOING, crazy, and loves to act cute. U would love to spend time with leya and she would always change a frown to a smile
Nothing is the same with out leya
by Seirsha January 03, 2018
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A wicked athletic person. Loyal to everyone and super fun to be around! The epitome of coolness.
"Did you see what that awesome person just did?" "Yeah, she just pulled a Leya!"
by London Bridge 13 February 04, 2010
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Leya is a an amazing person that loves to have fun she doesn't care what other people think she is easy to get along with and she always make friends and family laugh.
"Leya is a fun fun girl"
by Ley Ley January 04, 2018
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A little mexican girl that is athletic and very beautiful.she also has a good personality .everbody falls for her.leya is also played in a movie Star Wars known as (princess leia).
Oooo girl ,get you some leya. Danggg she cute
by Leyannn January 18, 2017
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she likes to draw and read. She is also quiet looks up to Miranda. She goes by the nickname of leymur so go and call all ur friends named leya leyamur or lemur. A LEYA IS VERY EVIL AND LIKES TO PLAY JOKES ON EVERYONE SHE IS VERY MEAN BUT everyone still loves her. (shes also a peasant)
oh look its THE BULLY leyaMUR

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a dick sucking, slut that likes cum on her face.
leya is a good dick sucker sikeeeeeeeeeee
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