1. An exclamation of joy or happiness. More than just fun.
2. A sarcastic remark.
1. You are going to the mall?! Sounds fun fun!
2. Oh joy. A math test. Fun fun.
by Pixie April 24, 2005
Good ole' wholesome libido-less fun, like playing boardgames, watching movies, playing video games, etc.
Hey you guys, do you want to come to my fun fun party? Seriously it is going to be awesome!
by OsmPawsum September 26, 2010
When you have fun like "fun fun"
fun you know like fun fun ;)
by betagammaalpha August 1, 2018
A sarcastic comment about doing something that's partially fun and partially horrifying. Exactly like a Rebecca Black song.
Studying for tomorrow's test while listening to my favorite band. fun fun fun.
by Glazier213 January 15, 2012
A text sent to replace the simple and short "fun" in order to seem as though you are paying attention, even though you are not.
Person 1: So Becky and I did a lot of things over the weekend like bowling, swimming, shopping, and we ran into Jeff from high school,(etc)

Person 2: fun fun fun
by NoodleHairedBoy February 8, 2017
A saying you can use when describing a fun scenario or an event you are VERY excited for! Anything from Starfish Soap to a oui oui baguette, saying fun fun will be the best way to describe the time you’re about to have :)
“Omg sis did you hear? I went to an Ariana Grande concert!”
“That’s 🅱️ig gay time
“So are you!”
Fun fun!”