Something so fowl that it cannot be described as anything.
Man 2 Girls 1 Cup, Pain Olympics, Death by Horse Fuck, Space Docking in Public is so level 9.
by Ryan Beldessi April 21, 2008
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It's a level of party that can only be met with the proper amount of drugs, music and lights. It's the highest level that can be reached without dying. Level 10 means you have died, level 1 means shit is just getting started.
That party was awesome last night, it reached Rave Level 9 status as soon as the All Good Funk Alliance got on the decks.
by Rockmaster Rus B July 27, 2011
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When you cum your pants you have reached level 9 of puberty.
Jesse- Woah that was so hot I just level 9 of puberty

Morgan- haha level up!
by Iheartoreos August 13, 2018
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When a morbidly obese woman with thighs covered in cellulite uses an extra small tampon and it slides out and ramps off the cellulite into a guys eye, which in turn causes him to vomit on her pubic area, and after the tampon a deoderant stick flies out covered in crabs and his the guy in the balls, giving him crabs that bite him then inturn he jumps and steps on the womans massive single boob which explodes abcess puss all over the world, which drowns and Al Gore makes a documentary of it including the 2girls1cup video to explain everything from your baby's daddy to juniors syphallis.
by Biccc April 21, 2008
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A good shit where you made eye contact with God shitting.
They say the Pope only takes level 9 shits.
by Kringle_ May 28, 2022
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