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Caring, unique, passionate, and motherly. She cares for those around her deeply and usually tries to take care of her friends and loved ones. She is willing to help almost anyone, even when she shouldn't, and has a smile that captures the hearts of many. She can also have a temper, so beware of getting on her bad side. She loves children and puts family above all else. Money can't buy her love. She usually keeps her heart to herself but once she lets you have it, it's yours unconditionally. However, beware of breaking her heart because as much effort as she put into loving you, she will put into hating you as well and she can be as vicious as she is sweet. She also has a great since of humor and loves to laugh, especially with the ones she cares for most and loves to see the ones she loves smiling as well.
Letia is a good mother
by letia March 26, 2013
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